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"For even the Son of Man
did not come to be served,
but to serve, and to give His life
as a ransom for many."

-= Mark 10:45 =-

About LDC

LDC provides you with opportunities to grow in your faith and leadership potential, under the guidance of an experienced team who serve you with a Biblical model of leadership

Traveling Camp: We'll travel together to 3 United Church camps and enjoy a three day canoe trip in Algonquin Park.

Community Living: Experience the joy and hilarity of sharing life with 15-20 other teens and leaders. Lifelong friendships are often formed through LDC.

Faith Development: Deepen your faith through teachings, worship, Bible studies, prayer and real-life application, as we dive into what it means to be a Christian.

Leadership Development: Learn and experience growth as a leader, based on Biblical principles and practical skills.

Volunteer Placements: LDC is followed by a volunteer placement* in a camp, church or community setting

If any of this catches your interest, then take the time to inquire now! Enrollment
is limited, with an application and selection process in place.

* Please Note: *Placements are assessed on an individual basis and are at the discretion of the LDC staff. Placements are not guaranteed.



Dates: June 28 - July 13